ESYJOBs is the web platform where we will regularly publish our JOBs ans collaboration opportunities or partnership research within ESY RO & CH entities.

ESY-CH at present is looking for :

  • A R&D assistant at 50%.
  • Business associates (individuals or/and institutions).
  • Diploma (bachelor&master) stages, PhD co-adviser,professional stages.

Notes :

  1. The R&D assistant profile will be published soon.
  2. The diploma works we are open to any subject related to Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development which has also an academic link - support - corespondent.
  3. ESYCH is also open to unemployed (ORP registered) and particularly to those PhDs who wants to stay in line with their qualifications offering the administrative support for building their R&D Project... it has to be Environment related.

ESY-RO is offering at present collaboration possibilities as :

  • Research - Administrative - Development Assistants.
  • Bachelor/Master/Ph.D Diploma Stages.
  • Institutional partnership for R&D project.
  • Partnership for R&D projects (FP7, RO-MCT, EU structural/cohesion founds and many others on a bi-lateral and Win-Win basis).