Map3D - Forecasting Air Quality

Map3D offers a 3D solution for the daily forecast of meteorological fields and pollutant concentrations (gases and aerosols) at regional and urban scales.

48-hours O3 simulation
at Grenoble area

Map3D is also an extremely new powerful modeling tool for regional air pollution understating and assessment including:

  • Evaluation and improvement of the regional emission inventory.
  • High temporal and spatial resolution gases phase and aerosols simulations.
  • Impact studies implementation and analysis.
  • Ability to forecast air pollution at 3 days.
  • Use of tested indicators for air pollution regimes identification.
  • New user friendly interface and possibility of remote web driven runs.

Daily large scale simulations over Europe and the Alps are freely available :

  • 3 days air quality forecasting over Europe online >>
  • 3 days air quality forecasting over the Alps online >>

Map3D is a step forward addressing:

  • Regional air pollution responsible public services.
  • Research groups working in the modeling of regional or global air pollution.
  • Private companies developing similar complex tool or simplified dispersion based software.
  • Decision makers.