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SC EnviroScopY SRL (ESYRO)Romania & EnviroScopY SA (ESYCH) Switzerland

SC EnviroScopY SRL Romania (ESYRO) and EnviroScopY SA (ESYCH) are active companies in the field of environmental protection and related fields and offers all those interested a number of features and services:

  • R&D Partnership for high tech instruments and modeling software for 3D environmental monitoring for public institutions (Romanian Academy, National and International Universities, Institutes of Research and Development) and also for private companies (with R&D certified departments);
  • Expertise in Balance of Environment & Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Technology transfer and sustainable energies : Est/West, North/South, Science/Market.
  • Assistance, support and consultancy to implement the results achieved in R&D in the production process at industrial scale ("Science To Market" process);
  • Support and consulting for NGOs active in environmental protection;
  • Consulting, import & export, installation, training and technical and scientific assistance to purchase Scientific equipments;
  • Internships of professional specialisation in environmental protection (consulting, communication, education, training);
  • Public and private partnership both in R&D projects as well us in answering public interest tenders.